Feature: Eco-resorts in the sunshine

Friday, 15 July 2011 10:28 AM

Our job at iwantsun.co.uk is to find and source the best holiday ideas where the sun always shines. With environmental awareness increasing, numerous eco-resorts are springing up for the discerning holiday maker. We’ve found some of the finest available. And while their locations differ dramatically, they all have one thing in common: they boast private beaches galore!

Balamku Inn on the Beach, Mexico
One of Mexico’s hidden treasures, Costa Maya is an area of unspoilt coast on the southern Yucatan Peninsula that sits in front of the Caribbean Sea. Balamku Inn on the Beach is a small eco-hotel which aims to keep its natural surroundings alive. You can sunbathe on miles of isolated white sand beach in the utter bliss of the Caribbean sun. Or choose to dive, snorkel and swim, visit Mayan ruins, take jungle excursions and indulge in some birdwatching. The ten rooms are based on traditional, conical Palapas dwellings, giving this hotel a very Mexican feel.

Tsara Kombo Lodge, Madagascar
Take time to recharge your batteries in the Tsara Komba Lodge in Madagascar. With only eight lodges set on a private beach, this eco-resort on the north west of the island is a rainforest paradise nesteld in front of a former volcano now covered with primary rainforest. With some of the most unique wildlife on the planet in Madagascar, there is understandably a lot to do. But apart from diving and trekking, there are chances to visit rum distilleries and local villages, learn about medicinal plants and take boat trips. Food is bought locally, water drawn from a well and only environmentally friendly materials used in building.

Golden Buddha Eco-Resort, Thailand
While many Thai islands are jam packed with tourists, the Andaman Koh Phra Thong is relatively unspoilt. Situated on 10km of prisinte beach is Golden Buddha, a village style resort which offers a range of eco adventures. Many guests just come to relax and enjoy the abundant wildlife like turtles and hornbills. But there are brilliant opportunities for sea safaris, yoga, diving and community engagement. But as the resort houses a barhouse, club, shop and restaurant you can do as much or little as you like!

La Cusinga Rainforest and Eco Lodge, Costa Rica
La Cusinga Eco Lodge, tucked away in a 600 acre private reserve next to Ballena Marine National Park, provides eco friendly travellers with sweeping ocean views, sandy beaches, natural pools and a chance to experience some wildlife in pristine areas of rainforest. This eco-hotel includes ten rustic cabins designed with sustainably-harvested wood and other local materials. There are opportunities to bird watch, relax in a hammock, visit national parks and listen to howler monkeys howl! Costa Rica is a vibrant, beautiful place, so head out here now for a holiday you won’t forget.

Bird Island Eco Lodge, Seychelles
Not only a top eco-resort, Bird Island in the magnificent Seychelles is also a wildlife reserve. This private island is the most northerly in the archipelago and is surrounded by the stunning Indian Ocean. With over five kilometres of the finest white sand beaches, this is a paradise on earth where visitors can appreciate the conservation of wildlife in the most beautiful of settings. Throughout most of the year it’s possible to see hawksbill and green turtles hatching or laying eggs. And 24 species of bird have been recorded, from the colourful Madagascan fody to the swooping great crested tern. Accommodation is chic and luxurious.

Tiamo Resort, the Bahamas
Indulge in the lush tropical surroundings of the Bahamas in the exclusive Tiamo resort. With only 20 cottages on a private island beach, the only way to reach this paradise in the Caribbean Sea is by boat or sea plane! Sunbath on pristine white sand beaches and bask under the ever blue sky as you rest in surroundings of palm groves and coconut trees. Read in the onsite library, sail on a catamaran, dive in the world’s third largest barrier reef or try and spot iguanas and wild birds on a nature trail. Tiamo is set on the island of South Andros. It’s a place to go to get away from it all.

Adrere Amellal, Egypt
Instead of heading to a beach for some eco relaxing, why not consider a desert oasis instead?! Adrere Amellal is perched on the banks of the cooling Oasis of Siwa where the red sands of the desert span all around. The 70 rooms are made out of kershef, a traditional building material made out of mud, sand and sun dried sea-salt. With no electricity you’ll be blown away by romantic candle-lit dinners. Horse riding is available, as is 4x4 driving among the dunes. There’s a pool fed by Roman springs, an organic garden for restaurant produce and loads of kershef sun loungers for getting a desert tan!

These eco-resorts in the sun offer spectacular holiday ideas in some of the most beautiful surroundings imaginable.

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